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The kindergarden is situated Salamandras St. 4, Yugla, Riga. The building and belonging territory are well equipped and designed and fulfil all the functions required for kindergardens in Latvia.

Aivija started functioning in 2003; all teachers have higher education, many years of working experience. The pedagogical staff provides not only a high level of education in all programmes, but also brings up benevolent relations among the children, masters habits of personal hygiene, standarts of behaviour during routine and regular physical and intellectual development of a child as an individual. Everybody can find us in Aivija the most acceptable model of boarding and education.

Aivija is glad to meet children (1 – 7 y.o.) in its kindergarden. Caring, highly – qualified and experienced teachers, creatively designed rooms are waiting for your children. Our working hours: 7.00 a.m. – 7 p.m. daily (except Saturdays and Sundays).

There are 16 children in a group, but at all lessons they are devided into smaller groups of 6 – 8 children in each. We offer 3 meals a day (a balanced diet including fruit and vegetables).

The process of education includes games, songs and involves all the children into activity. Small groups are provided with an opportunity for successful assimilation of new material at the lessons and train children to hear and to listen to other people and get ready for entering school.

Everyday educational process includes 3 languages (Latvian, English, Russian), Sport and Gymnastics, Maths, teaching reading and writing, art, music and handicraft. Considerable attention is paid to the intellectual development of children (memory, attention, thinking).

Music…… Every mother knows, that even her baby during the pregnancy is able to distinguish its charming sounds; that\”s why all children are fond of music lessons in the kindergarden. These lessons develop children\”s musical capacities, the sense of rhythm, introduce the musical instruments.

Teachers and children settle shows and concerts and invite their parents, who with surprise watch their children dance and sing, taking part in performances and competitions. We also offer individual training.

Art stimulates the development of a child\”s imagination. Various art activities (drawing, modelling, applique-work) arouse children\”s interest to art and big wish to express their inner world through their works. Children are taught to distinguish size, form, volume, colour of the enviroment and illustrate their perception through their drawings, hand – made articles, etc. During the lessons children master their habits and skills in art and encourage love of the beauty of the surrounding world. Playing is the best motivation for pre-school children to work, so the methods of Voskobovich, Zaitsev, Elkanin, Goldin are used at our lessons.

Mastery of 2 languages is achieved by children through communication with teachers during their stay at the kindergarden. Along side with the teaching procedure children will participate in birthday parties, shows, competitions, excursions, etc. We try to stimulate the development of a child\”s intellect and capacities. In the second part of the day Aivija offers a big choice of hobby – groups for children.

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