Teaching foreign languages

Bilingual education develops practical abilities to communicate in 2 languages without any restrictions. Latvian and Russian are used by teachers and children in everyday speech and at the lessons. Small groups (6 – 8 children) at the lessons of Latvian master the language through games, songs, movements. We offer lessons of the Latvian language for children and grown-ups in groups and individuals.

Taking into consideration the importance of knowledge of foreign languages in our life “Aivija” uses the natural activity of a child- to play- and offers English to the pre-school children from the age of 2. In teaching the English language to little children the teacher suggests different games, songs, various exercises are performed alongside. From the age of 6 they are taught reading and writing in English. Children have an opportunity to communicate with the teacher of English during the day.

The following programmes are offered in English – the course of English for children.

Welcome to our English lessons!

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